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More than a break,

it’s a mind and body reset

Reset optimizes your mental state by recommending tailored breaks based on your physiology to keep you in your ideal zone. 

Stress is not all bad.

Not effectively managing it is. Everyone has their own breaking point. Some of us handle high levels of stress for longer than others. Inevitably, chronic stress pushes our mind outside of its control zone affecting decision making, emotional balance and overall mental wellbeing. After we burnout, it’s too late.
Simply, we all need breaks, even superheroes.

Breaks are critical for Performance Productivity Balance Faster Recovery Mental Health

Meet the Reset Pod

Your Break Room Reimagined

The Reset Pod™ is an immersive space where we combine your wearable sensor data with scientifically based mind-tuning experiences to help you feel rebalanced, refocused and refreshed.
Activate your mind, change your state

Mindset Matters

Breaks are scientifically proven to decrease stress, increase energy, balance, self control and decision making—essential for mental wellbeing. In under 10 minutes, you can reset and go. Here’s a few of the benefits of taking microbreaks:

  • Manage stress
  • Reduce concentration fatigue
  • Lessen productivity dips
  • Reduce ‘noise’
  • Unlock creative blocks
  • Increase focus
  • Increase energy
  • Increase movement
  • Increase self-control
  • Emotional stability

Know when you’re

in the red zone

Our mental state changes dynamically throughout the day. When we’re stressed, our sympathetic and parasympathetic systems get out of balance.

By pairing your wearable sensors, we will learn what type of breaks give you the most benefit and keep your systems in harmony. Over time we will make recommendations based on when we see you out of your zone…

This becomes your personal Reset Index.

Real-time biofeedback linked to experiences

A synchronous breathing exercise linked to your respiration rate, an infinite soundscape linked to your heartbeat, we combine a mix of real-time sensor data through wearables to link and personalize what happens inside the pod. It’s driven by you.

Tune up or down

depending on what you need

Choose from a range of interactive experiences to tune up or down by activating the mind and body through sound, visuals, scent and movement. The experiences offer different behavioral outcomes and integrate your wearable sensor data to personalize what you select.

Building resilience,

one break at a time

Whether a beginner or master resetter, we will offer coaching sessions to help people better understand how to cope with short and long-term stressors.

Your data is yours.

Opt-in instead of Opt-out
Your data will stay anonymous to us. We will send you reports for how you responded to the different experiences and measure the change in your state before and after your visit. We will not do anything else with it aside from validating the science we’re putting into the system.

The difference between peak performance and poor performance is not intelligence or ability, most often it’s the state your mind and body is in.

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